hors d’oeuvre

Food is meant to be shared, to be enjoyed amongst friends and loved ones.
As such, we encourage you to share our rotisserie and cocotte options. Feast, drink, and enjoy the convivial nature of food.

    Soup of the day ...  $7,00



    duck liver foie gras mi cuit ...  $22,00

mi cuit duck foie gras, house made brioche, red wine poached bartlett pear

    frisee salad ...  $12,00

crispy pork belly, soft cooked eggs, pepitas, easter radish, honey apple cider dressing

    pistou ...  $15,00

steamed cove mussels, bruno rosso tomato & basil broth

    mussels mariniere ...  $14,00

white wine, shallots, garlic, parsley, salted butter

    Duck ...  $16,00

Duck confit "samosa, golden raisins, fennel salad, herb yogurt sauce


    Tuna crudo ...  $16,00

ahi tuna, calabrese chili & cucumber, avocado, eggplant caviar, bonito flake & rosemary aioli, taro root chips

    mache salad ...  $12,00

tangelo, truffle tremor goat cheese beignet, citrus vinaigrette

    meat platter ...  $18,00

smoked prosciutto, duck salami sausage, chicken livers terrine, walnut & raisins toast, vegetables pickles, grain mustard

    cheese plate selection ...  $16,00

honey, candy nuts

la rotisserie


Accompanied by a COCOTTE of your choice.

    1/2 chicken ...  $21,00

organic Petaluma chicken a la broche, served with roccola pesto, romesco sauce, porcini mushroom sauce

    whole chicken ...  $32,00

organic Petaluma chicken a la broche, served with roccola pesto, romesco sauce, porcini mushroom sauce


    yukon potato gratin ...  $7,00

pyramide goat cheese

    French fries ...  $7,00


    Cauliflower gratin ...  $9,00

mornay sauce

    savoy spinach ...  $7,00

garlic confit, golden raisins

    broccoli di ciccio ...  $7,00

lemon anchovies vinaigrette

les classics

    Parisian gnocchi ...  $18,00

Parisian gnocchi, kale "chiffonade", parmigiano reggiano, grilled king trumpet, soft cooked eggs

    Coq au vin ...  $21,00

slowly cooked in burgundy wine, pancetta, rainbow carrots, glazed cipollini onion, mushroom

    beef filet wellington ...  $34,00

maitake  mushroom, puff pastry, herb crusted bone marrow,  chicken jus

    bouillabaisse ...  $28,00

provencale fish stew, atlantic cod, manila clam, mussels, laughing bird shrimp, confit marble potato, aioli toast, tomato lobster bisque

Cocotte & Co

    Butcher's cut ...  $25,00

Ask your server about our daily's cut

desserts cocotte

Indulge in one of our delicious treats




    banana creme brulee  
    chocolate cake fondant  

vanilla ice ceam, red berries & green tea coulis


vanilla ice cream, toasted almonds, chocolate sauce

    golden delicious apple tart tatin  

caramel sauce, creme fraiche

    warm berries compote, raspberries sorbet, almond crumble