Executive Chef and co-owner, Mikael Audry, a native from Sancerre, uses local produce and organic ingredients to create the purest seasonal flavors. If you are looking for tender slow- roasted dishes, savory sauces and filling sides, Cocotte has created a unique menu to exceed the palates’ desires.

Chef's menu includes signature items such as Eggs “Meurette,” Beef Wellington and Coq Au Vin in addition to alternative seafood combinations, reflecting the French countryside farmland and ardor of the Mediterranean.

Following its namesake, Cocotte presents plates and sides deliciously baked to perfection and served hot from the serving dish. Potatoes softened in fine cheese, brussel sprouts salted with anchovies and roasted quail stuffed with chanterelles resemble a portion of Cocotte cuisine. Customers can enjoy pairing dishes for all to share, order a classic dinner plate or create their meal to resemble French-style tapas. A divine end to the evening is the neighborhood favorite Banana Crème Brule, a homemade recipe that leaves a final touch of tasty sweetness.

"Like a mother hen, those at Cocotte take special pride in nurturing others. The original dishes served in cast-iron and organic rotisserie chicken exemplify the literal meaning of Cocotte. In its essence, Cocotte is about sharing, feasting and enjoying the convivial nature of food. I like to create a memorable experience and see people leave with a smile” says chef Audry.

A special Thank you to designer Jean-Michel Fabregon who has created an atmosphere of rustic elegance and endearing comfort. Softly lit in an amber hue the space feels alive and glamorous. Copper pots shine through the kitchen and iron extensions of lighting spotlight your meal. The element of strength and longevity is evident in the materials used and reflect the timeless authenticity of Cocotte and the meals shared from its kitchen.

A bientôt!